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[ENG] Vegetable and Seaweed Chips

▲ Various types of Bugak. This photo was provided by International Korean Menu Guide and Naver.



Bugak refers to a variety of deep-fried vegetables coated with glutinous rice paste and dried for preservation. A food that is prepared for winter, Bugak can be made with many different vegetables, including seaweed, green pepper, perilla leaves, kelp, burdock leaves, and so on.


Korean Culture and Bugak

Originally, Bugak was specially served as temple food for monks who could not eat animal meat. Nowadays, it is also considered a vegetarian dish. 


In Korean households, Bugak is typically eaten as a side dish or snack served with alcoholic beverages. It has a savory flavor and is crispy because the glutinous rice paste is fried in oil.


▲ The traditional way of making Bugak. 


The ingredients for bugak are simple but it takes time and dedication to make the best bugak. First of all, glutinous rice flour and water should be stirred together for a long time to make the rice paste. Next, one or two coats of glutinous rice paste should be applied to the vegetable of choice with a brush. If the temperature and humidity are not appropriate even when drying, the main ingredient may be damaged, so be careful.


Due to such difficulties, most Koreans buy Bugak at the mart recently. The most common kind to buy is Kim-bugak(Dried-laver chips).


Related Issue : TV program 'Youn's Stay'

Bugak appeared on tvN's entertainment show 'Youn's Stay', which has recently been popular in Korea. 'Youn's Stay' is about Korean actors running a Hanok (traditional Korean house) guest house for foreign guests to experience the beauty of Korea. 


On the TV program, the actors served Bugak and tofu sauce to foreign guests as appetizers. Foreigners who knew Korean culture well also found this food interesting. 


▲ Bugak and tofu sauce served on tvN's entertainment show 'Younstay'. This is a captured image from the program.


In this program, foreign guests were offered a variety of Korean food. They not only ate Bugak but also Tteok-galbi(떡갈비·grilled short rib patties), Dak-gangjeong(닭강정·sweet and sour chicken), and Tteok-bokki(떡볶이·stir-fried rice cake).


The program stars actors Youn Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-jun and Choi Woo-shik.



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