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by Yun Ji Hyun / Cha Min Kyung 


[ENG] Korean hand plow 


▲ This picture shows the Korean traditional farming tool, Homi. 


Homi is a traditional Korean faming tool, mainly used to soften the soil and remove weeds.


The blade is sharp and angled in the front but widens in the back. A curved neck is attached to the blade in order to connect it with the wooden handle at the bottom.


In addition to pulling weeds and digging soil, this gardening tool can be used for various farming activities such as planting seeds or transferring crops. 

▲ Homi: Korea's traditional farming tool

Apart from being a farming tool, Homi is a representation of the Korean agricultural environment, which requires intensive farming on small lands, due to the numerous mountainous areas present in Korea.


In the past, women and children have often been involved with farming, but since the Homi was small and light, it was relatively easier to use.



▲ The blade and neck is being connected to the wooden handle, also known as the jaru (자루). This photo was taken by reporter Seong Yeon-jae. 


The majority of Homi are handmade in small blacksmiths in Korea and sold at local hardware stores. The price for this tool is not expensive and seems quite easy to make, however, it takes considerable skills to shape the handle, neck and the blade. 

▲ Relationship between Homi and Hallyu

In Korea, the demand for Homi has decreased significantly due to rapid industrialization as well as the declining agricultural population.


On the other hand, people in foreign countries enjoy gardening in their backyards, which leads more people to look for small multi-purpose farming tools.


In Europe or the United States, large agricultural instruments specialized in mass cultivation have developed in order to farm on their abundant flat land in the past, while there are far less smaller farming tools compared to Korea.


In addition, there are garden tools such as shovels, however they are not enough to build a garden.  In these situations, Korea's Homi is just right to satisfy the gardener's needs.


▲ This image shows the Homi made by craftsman Seok Noh-ki on the Amazon website.


S. Korea's Homi is being regarded to as a must-have tool for gardening and also known as the "Easy Digger" on YouTube, Google, and Amazon. 

▲ Recent Issues: Yeongju Daejanggan

▲ ​This photo taken by reporter Seong Yeon-jae shows blacksmiths working together at the Yeongju Daejanggan.  

The origin to the growing popularity of Homi lies in Yeongju Daejanggan, an old blacksmith shop in North Gyeongsang Province.


A few years ago, a person bought a Homi from Yeongju Daejanggan and sold it on Amazon, which ultimately led the Homi to become world famous.


Homi made from Yeongju Daejanggan became so popular that it was included in the top 10 horticultural products on Amazon throughout 2019.


▲ This photo shows craftman Seok Noh-ki hammering the Homi in his workshop.


Yeongju Daejanggan is owned by a craftsman named Seok Noh-ki who has been working in the shop for 45 years. The blacksmith's Homi is said to be a premium Homi made by a Korea's artisan and has been steadily gaining popularity even at higher prices than others.


Each Homi sold from Yeongju Daejanggan is inscribed with the name, "Best artisan Seok Noh-ki" in Korean. 





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