Actor Jo Byeong-gyu directly addresses his recent allegations against school violence

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SEOUL, Feb. 23 (Yonhap) -- On Feb. 23, Actor Jo Byeong-gyu personally denied the recent allegations of school violence made towards him.

Writing on his Instagram account, Jo Byeong-gyu said he was "so shocked that I [he] froze with a sense of injustice. "

"Even though we were contacted the very next day by the writer asking for lenience, it was difficult for me to get over the feeling of being wronged," he added.

Jo Byeong-gyu also opened up about his hardships as he felt a sense of "disillusionment and doubt about the life I [he] had led for 26 years" when he saw "false statements and counterarguments starting to spread on the internet." He even mentioned that "for several days, I [he] have been shaking off thoughts that shouldn't be done in order to endure this situation."

The actor also rebutted that the person who claimed to be his classmate in the past had stolen and used photos of him studying in New Zealand without any consent. He also justified that he had not had any face-to-face contact with the supposed victim.

"I was a playful and optimistic student who once dreamed of becoming a football player," Jo Byeong-gyu wrote. "Just like everyone else, I have close friends and I also have friends I was not close with. However, there was never a time when I used violence or extorted from someone."

He concluded his post by saying he "doesn't understand why I [he] have to explain my every move when I'm targeted by volatile news." The actor also emphasized that he has requested for an investigation regarding false reports of anonymity and malicious posts. His management agency, HB Entertainment, also released a statement earlier about taking legal action on this matter

Jo Byeong-gyu debuted in 2015 with the KBS 2TV drama "Who Are You: School 2015" and later rose to stardom through the JTBC drama "Sky Castle" and OCN drama "The Uncanny Counter".

However, the recent suspicions that Jo Byeong-gyu had used violence against his classmates while studying in New Zealand is seeming to negatively affect the actor's future appearances on TV.


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