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[ENG] Dried radish greens, Dried Radish Leaves

▲ Siraegi


Siraegi refers to the ingredients for cooking dried cabbage leaves or radish leaves. When it passes from autumn to winter, these leaves are placed outside and dried naturally. Around this time, the Korean peninsula is cold and dry, so it is good for making Siraegi. These days, in Korea, we meet the scenes of drying the Siraegi as in the pictures.


Siraegi is boiled for a long time and used to make various side dishes. It features a savory taste and a soft touch. It is a food that Northeast Asian people enjoy eating, especially Koreans. It is also good for health because it has a variety of vitamins and mineral dietary fiber that are easy to fall short of in winter.


Korea Culture and Siraegi

▲ Seasoned Siraegi


It is widely used as an ingredient for cooking everyday Korean foods such as miso soup, or by itself was seasoned or fried. Among the foods made with Siraegi, 'Seasoned Siraegi' is a stir-fried Siraegi with beef or pork. Especially, it is a food that Koreans eat a lot on the fifteenth of lunar January. 'Siraegi Soup' is a soup boiled Siraegi with soybean paste, and it has a great taste.


Related Issue : Siraegi Dumpling

▲ Korea TV program, Beak Jong-won's Alley Restaurant (provided by SBS)


In a Korean popular TV program, 'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant', a restaurant that made and sold 'Siraegi dumplings' drew public attention. It is made of dumpling filling by mincing Siraegi. Dumplings with Siraegi are unusual, because Koreans usually put meat, tofu, and kimchi when making dumplings. After the broadcast, many viewers tried making Siraegi dumplings at home.

In addition, Siraegi is often used as a gag material because it has a similar pronunciation to 'trash'(쓰레기·[suregi]) in Korean.




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