Return of 'SNL Korea'... 'Intern journalist' Joo Hyun-young gaining populartiy

연합뉴스 / 2021-09-15 09:51:49
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▲ This photo, a captured image from Coupang Play, shows Joo Hyung-young in "SNL Korea." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap) 




SEOUL, Sep. 14 (Yonhap) -- "SNL Korea," which has returned with its original members in 4 years, is gaining attention with every episode. It could be the contribution of its fancy line-up given that their first guest was actor Lee Byung-hun, second Ha Ji-won and the third Cho Jung-seok.

But those who have watched every corner keenly will think of 'intern journalist' Joo Hyun-young. She is attracting interest online praised for her "100% reproduction of reality."

Joo who appears in its main corner "Weekend Update" shows reporting like a new journalist. She is rated that she has presented hyper-realism demonstrating not only a new journalist but a university student and a job searcher.

Many watchers comment that her shaky and awkward voice although trying to look like a veteran in front of anchor Ahn Young-mi looks exactly like a new staff when taking charge of a presentation for the first time. From the eye contact to the voice tone showed her excellent examining skills and practice.

In addition, the program is praised for having showed witty political satire without causing discomfort. That political satires have gone dorment for some time and have returned with "SNL Korea" which moved its platform to OTT is noteworthy.

Joo majored acting in Kookmin university and has appeared usually in web-productions such as "Best Mistake,” and “As Your Heart Tells.” People are paying attention to whether the new actress, who finds a university student character in the early and mid 20s attractive, may be able to rise as the new benefiter of "SNL Korea" that has produced multiple star actors.



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