Mamamoo Moonbyul's 'LUNATIC' dance challenge

연합뉴스 / 2022-01-24 10:25:44
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These photos, provided by RBW, shows Moonbyul, who released the third mini album “6equence” on Jan. 19 and performed a dance challenge for the title song “LUNATIC” through short-form video platforms, including TikTok.

“LUNATIC” challenge was joined by Mamamoo’s Solar, Red Velvet’s Seul-gi, who performed together for the solo debut song “Selfish,” FC Top Girl, who appeared together in the SBS entertainment show “Kick a Goal,” OH MY GIRL’s Hyo-jung, ASTRO’s Jinjin and Rocky, HOOK's Aiki, Jeon So-mi, and Jaejae. 



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