Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hyun-wook set to work together on Netflx's upcoming drama

연합뉴스 / 2021-07-21 10:36:00
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▲ These photos provided by the actor and actresses' respective agencies shows (from top left clockwise) Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hyun-wook, Jeong Yoo-jin, and Park Hoon. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


SEOUL, July 21 (Yonhap) -- South Korean actress Kim Hee-sun and actor Lee Hyun-wook will work together on Netflix's "The Bride of Black (tetntative title)."

Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hyun-wook, Jeong Yoo-jin, Cha Ji-yeon, and Park Hoon will appear as the cast members of Netflix's new original series "The Bride of Black," according to the global streaming giant Netflix on Tuesday.

"The Bride of Black" tells the story of individuals who visit "Lex," a marriage bureau for upper-class customers, in desire to seek a partner from the black level, which is the highest grade within the company. The show contains a sharp satire directed at individuals who disguise their true desires as love when choosing their spouses.

Kim Hee-sun plays Seo Hye-seung, a middle-class housewife who dreams of marrying someone from the black level after losing everything in an instant. Lee Hyun-wook acts as Lee Hyung-joo, a suitable groom for the black level who is looking for his second marriage partner.

Jeong Yoo-jin plays Jin Yu-hee, a lawyer from the legal team of a large company, who is willing to do everything to become a part of the upper-class. Meanwhile, Cha Ji-yeon plays Choi Yoo-sun, the CEO of Lex, and Park Hoon plays Cha Seok-jin, who is at odds with his father's property.

"The Bride of Black" is a collaborated work between writer Lee Geun-young, who wrote "I Am the Mother Too (2018)," "My Mother is a Daughter-in-law (2015)," and director Kim Jung-min, who directed "Bad Guys (2014)," "Love Affair In The Afternoon (2019)." The production of the drama will be by Imagine 9 Communications and Tiger Studio.



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