Lee Yu-ri says her roll on 'The Witch is Alive' to be the best girl crush charcter yet

연합뉴스 / 2022-06-23 10:44:29
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▲ This photo, provided by TV Chosun, shows, cast of 'The Witch is Alive'. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)
▲ This photo, provided by TV Chosun, shows, cast of 'The Witch is Alive'. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



SEOUL, June 23 (Yonhap) -- Black comedy about three married women who all have someone they want to murder will be premiering soon.

TV Chosun held the press conference for an upcoming miniseries “The Witch is Alive” at Stanford Hotel in Mapo district on June 22. “The Witch is Alive” will consist of 12 episodes and it will premier on Saturday at 9:10 p.m.

“’The Witch is Alive’ is a drama about love, death and money,” explained director Kim Yoon Chul. Director Kim Yoon-chul is returning back to the screen after 5 years since the drama "The Dignified Woman" in 2007.

When asked about the difference between other womance series and his upcoming production “The Witch is Alive”, director Kim Yoon-chul described “despite of the situation the main characters are in, they always deal with their situation without hesitation.”

Throughout the series, three married women who have turned into a witch due to their husband join forces to seek revenge. By doing so those three women find their own happiness

“Character Gong Ma-ri is a definition of girl crush” adding “I was very happy to act out a character who never looks back and keeps on moving forward.” said actress Lee Yu-ri who acts out one of the wives Gong Ma-ri who feels the urge to kill his husband because he asks for a divorce settlement after cheating on her.

Moreover she added “In the process of working with other actors, director would find details that I couldn’t find and it felt sensational.”

Actor Jung Sang-hoon who acts out Gong Mi-ra’s husband Lee Nak-goo humorously said “When acting out the bad guy I tried to follow all the orders director gave me, even in my eyes he was too much, it got me concerning about his life.” adding “There are parts where you will feel relieved but it will also provide you guys with an opportunity to think about your partners and how they feel.”

In addition to Gong Ma-ri and Lee Nak-goo couple, a couple who only spend time together during the weekends (Chae Hee-soo and Nam Moo-young) and couple who struggles with enormous amount of debts (Yang Jin-a and Kim Woo-bin) will appear throughout the series.

“I went on an intense diet after receiving the scrip. I ended up losing 20 kg within a month of giving birth because I really wanted to be on the show.” said the actress Yoon So-yi.

“It is a growth story of adults who have turned 40.” adding “It will be fun and interesting to watch them mature throughout the series.” announced, actor Kim Young-jae.

(This article is translated from Korean to English by Joonha Yoo.)



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