Global K-pop fans take over by creating TikTok dance challenges

연합뉴스 / 2022-04-29 10:46:30
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▲ This photo, captured from K-pop group TREASURE's TikTok, shows the group participating in the "DARARI Challenge." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) 


▲ This photo, provided by TikTok, shows Treasure's "DARARI Challenge." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


SEOUL, April 29 (Yonhap) -- Using 'challenges' in a short form platform, is not unusual for a song’s viral success.

In the past, however, if a singer led the challenge by posting videos, fans are now bringing the challenges back to the original singers, by actively creating dance challenges on their own.

The number of videos on the most representative short-form platform ‘TikTok,’ which reached 33.5 million in 2019, nearly tripled to 97.87 million videos, in Sep. 2021, according to the music industry, Friday.

Among the contents, 92.8% were made overseas, and Indonesia (16.4%) created the most videos by using K-pop songs, followed by the Philippines (13.5%) and the United States (8.7%).

An official from TikTok explained, “K-pop fans not only just listen to the music but are actively enjoying K-pop by making contents such as dance covers, unboxing goods videos, and makeup clips through TikTok,” adding, “The short form platform has become a big playground to create and enjoy K-pop contents.”

With the growing popularity of foreign fans, the challenges that the music industry used as a means of promoting have changed. It’s not the singers who create challenges anymore, but the global fans who start challenges to promote the new song of their favorite K-pop artists.

The group TREASURE’s “DARARI” challenge went viral when a TikTok user from Indonesia created a simple dance challenge for the song.

Although “DARARI” wasn’t the group’s title song, the track gained popularity by recording 730,000 streams on TikTok and 4.1 million streams with the remix version.

Group ENHYPEN’s “Polaroid Love” also succeeded as a TikTok challenge despite it being a track. The challenge was also started by a global fan and has reached 610,000 videos.

TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)’s second track “Anti-Romantic” also reached more than 230,000 clips after a video of an American creator dancing to the song, went viral.

The passion of such global fans is not only directed at popular idol groups.

“Love, Maybe,” an OST of SBS’s drama “Business Proposal,” gained K-pop fans' attention when a TikTok user put in the dance clip of the musical “The Days,” in the faster remix version of the soundtrack. Since the soundtrack didn’t have an official choreography, fans voluntarily created a dance on their own and continued the dance challenge.

Moreover, Loco and Punch’s 2016 song “Say Yes,” gained popularity once again when a global creator’s dance challenge went viral later on. As of this month, there are more than 880,000 related TikTok videos made with this song.

“If many challenges have been led by agencies or singers, a ‘collaborative K-pop culture’ in which fans, especially global fans, create content about their K-pop bias, and contribute to the song’s hit, will become popular in the future,” predicted a TikTok official.

“There are cases where the singer later participates in a challenge led by fans or announces it as an official challenge,” added the official.

(This article is translated from Korean to English by An Hayeon.)



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