Bae In-hyuk rises rapidly as a leading actor

연합뉴스 / 2021-07-22 13:47:51
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▲ This photo, provided by Fidesspatium, the actor's agency, showe actor Bae In-hyuk. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



▲ This photo, provided by Fidesspatium, the actor's agency, showe actor Bae In-hyuk. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



▲ This photo, provided by Fidesspatium, the actor's agency, showe actor Bae In-hyuk. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)




SEOUL, July 22nd (Yonhap) -- There has been a newly rising star knocking on the doors of the watchers' living rooms from Monday to Thursday. 


Actor Bae In-hyuk (23) starred for tvN series "My Roommate Is a Gumiho (Gumiho)" and KBS drama "At a Distance, Spring Is Green (Spring is Green)" which recently finished airing their last episodes. He has risen to become one of the major actors taking over leading roles in TV mini series after 2 years and 4 months since debut. 

The rising star said, "It felt like quite a burden having cast for big characters compared to the length of my career and the preparation time was short, too," but also added that he "tried to make use of this pressure looking for solutions regarding to characters and doing my best", during an exclusive interview with Yonhap in a cafe in Gwanghwamun on the 21st. 


"The biggest concern was that the dramas were broadcast for 4 days a week in a row. I was worried if the watchers were uncomfortable with that. So I constantly wondered about how to make a difference between the two characters. Fortunately, to my satisfaction, there were people who didn't notice that Sun-woo from "Gumiho" and Soo-hyun in "Spring is Green" were acted by the same person."


Bae explained that apart from personality, his actual self is more close to Nam Soo-hyun, a brilliant student receiving A+ for every subject but had give up both love and friendship to support his family than Gae Sun-woo, not lacking a single aspect including appearance and wealth. 

"It is a little hard to say for sure that I am similar to a certain character, but it was Soo-hyun that I could more easily understand and identify with both regarding personality and surroundings. I also am a first child with a younger sibling and had to be independent faster so though the seriousness of the responsibility may be different, it was easier for me to be familiar with the character." 

"Through Sun-woo, that my words and actions will always one day be followed by responsibility, through Soo-hyun, the necessity of paying attention to others' pains and also of being more open with those around me about my problems and traumas no matter how big they may be." These are what the actor said to have learned from the two characters as he appeared in the series depicting the pain and growth of the youngsters in their 20s. 

Also Bae defined 'youth' as "a period of foundation in becoming an adult" adding that "In the perspective of a third party, youth seems the time to be happy, free of all worries and be able to do anything however in reality the youngsters in their youth are going through pains and hardships preparing for adulthood."

"When not showing any particular expression I look sharp and cold, but with a smile I look like a puppy and give a warm impression", said Bae picking "various impressions" as his appealing point. He also expressed his ambition to becoming a 'familiar actor' like Hwang Jung-min, a famous South Korean actor starred in movies such as "Veteran" and "Man in Love", 

"I want the watchers to be totally into the character when they see me in the screen. Rather than making another character or my name Bae In-hyuk come into mind of the watchers, I wish to be an actor comfortable for people to appreciate, an actor who just can melt into the drama and the role,"

Bae In-hyuk is planning to co-work with actress Seo Hyun-jin with his next drama in SBS TV "Why Oh Soo Jae" cast for Choi Yoon-sang, second son of the chairman of a large law firm. 



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