K-pop girl group TWICE to deliver passion in new mini-album 'Taste of Love'

연합뉴스 / 2021-06-11 14:07:45
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▲ This photo provided by JYP Entertainment shows girl group TWICE. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) 


▲ This photo provided by JYP Entertainment shows girl group TWICE. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE)


▲ This photo provided by JYP Entertainment shows girl group TWICE. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE)



SEOUL, June 11 (Yonhap) -- K-pop act TWICE has decided to take on Latin music for their 10th mini-album "Taste of Love," fronted by the main track "Alcohol-Free," which will be released on Friday.

Member Tzuyu introduced the title song as "a cool summer song that you can listen to lightly," while Dahyun added, "a song that can make you feel like you are on vacation."

Unlike TWICE's previous summer songs such as "Dance the Night Away" and "More and More," "Alcohol-Free" offers a sense of passion and fascination that is unique to Latin music.

Jeongyeon said, "I wanted the public to feel like TWICE's summer songs are always different."

Parts of traditional South American dance movements can be observed from TWICE's choreography for "Alcohol-Free," where the members of TWICE make big arm gestures that resemble waves.

"So far, we've focused on portraying this magical moment you feel when you're in love, however this time, we tried to melt our passionate appearances. This song will make you get swept up in the atmosphere and passionate energy."

This year marks TWICE's seventh year since its debut and the girl group has focused on "growth" in their album. Leader Jihyo emphasized, "The biggest difference I feel from our previous work is that I can talk about love with confidence."

"Our 5th mini-album 'What is Love?' carried the curiosity and excitement of love, however in this album, we can say that we have found the answer to love and in this sense I think we were able to show how much we've grown," Jihyo added.

Like the title suggests, "Taste of Love," conveys different tastes of love. While the title track was produced by Park Jin-young, producer and founder of JYP Entertainment, the rest of the tracks were love songs written by all the members themselves.

Dahyun wrote two songs, "Scandal" and "SOS," while Jihyo, Sana, and Nayeon wrote the lyrics for "First Time," "Conversion," and "Baby Blue Love," respectively.

Dahyun said, "I was worried if I could even finish one song, but I completed writing the lyrics of the two songs rather quickly."

"Every time we released an album, the members worked hard to participate in writing the lyrics, so through years of practice I was able to challenge myself with confidence for this album. I'm very proud to see all of the our members' names listed in the songwriting credits," she added.

After signing a contract with U.S. label Republic Records, TWICE has continued its global move by releasing English language songs and appearing on famous U.S. talk shows.

As a result, the nine-piece act succeeded in entering the U.S. Billboard's main album chart "Billboard 200" last year as No.200 with its ninth mini-album, followed by ranking 72nd with its second full-length album "Eyes Wide Open."

Recently, the music video for TWICE's Japanese song "Breakthrough" surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, and now hold the largest number of music videos with over hundred million views in comparison to girl groups worldwide.

Jeongyeon said, "We are most thankful for people who love TWICE's music," adding, "I also think the solidarity within our group plays a big role in our achievements."

The members also voiced regret on not being able to meet its global fan base, called ONCE, in person due to the novel corona virus.

Nayeon said, "I think the day we can all meet together is getting closer. I hope our fans don't feel too depressed or sad." Chaeyoung added, "Even though we can't see each other in person, we can always feel our fans cheering for us everywhere."

"It is sad that we can't meet with ONCE yet," said Momo. "But if our fans are able to have fun with 'Alcohol-Free' this summer, I couldn't ask for anything better."



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