National Theater of Korea's representative summer music festival "Yeo Woo Rak" to be held for 3 weeks from 1st July

연합뉴스 / 2022-05-18 14:32:14
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▲ This photo, shows the panoramic view of the National Theater of Korea in Namsan, Seoul. (Yonhap)


▲ This photo, provided by The National Theater of Korea, shows the poster for the "2022 Yeo Woo Rak Festival." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



SEOUL, May 18 (Yonhap) -- The National Theater of Korea will be holding the "2022 Yeo Woo Rak Festival" at the Daloreum theater, Haneul theater and the Culture Plaza from July 1st till the 23rd.

Yeo Woo Rak Festival, which translates to "It is our music" is in its 13th year and is the representative summer festival of the National Theater of Korea.

This festival is a place where Korean traditional music meets various other genres to present a new stage as they reinterpret tradition in a modern way. The National Theater of Korea plans to revive the festive atmosphere this summer by opening all seats for the first time in three years and will also open up the outdoor performances after being restricted due to COVID-19.

This year, "Yeo Woo Rak" will be filled with 12 performances under 3 themes.

In "Yeo Woo Rak's Choice" where Yeo Woo Rak has chosen the best artists this year, MUTO, Park Da Wool, Lim Yong Joo and sEODo will be performing. In "Yeo Woo Rak Collaborator," one will be able to enjoy the collaboration stage of ReMidas and Dal:um, Chun Jiyoon and Sang heum, Chun Jiyoon and Sang heum, PAKK and EERU, Cha Seungmin and Jang Jina.

"Yeo Woo Rak" which is newly introduced by expanding genre and space, will feature Baum Sae, Gong Myong, IDIOTAPE, and Jihye Lee Orchestra.

Park Woo-jae, a geomungo (traditional Korean plucked zither with both bridges and frets) player, composer, and music director, took over as the creative director of "Yeo Woo Rak" just like last year.

"The keywords of 2022 Yeo Woo Rak have been decided as expansion, amplification, and expansion," said Director Park Woo-jae. "One will be able to witness the daring musical attempts and condensed energy of artists pursuing new ideas and movements."

While the admission fee for all seats is 30,000 won, the seats for the outdoor performance at the Cultural Plaza is free. The ticket sales start on the 19th.


(This article is translated from Korean to English by Haemin Kim.)




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