Play 'Chunhyang' moves stage to big theater next month

연합뉴스 / 2022-04-14 14:36:08
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▲ This photo, provided by The National Theater of Korea, shows a poster of a play 'Chunhyang.' (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



SEOUL, April 14 (Yonhap) -- The National Changgeuk Company of Korea announced on the 14th that the play 'Chunhyang' will be performed again at Haeoreum Grand Theater in National Theater of Korea in Jung-gu, Seoul from the 4th to 8th next month.

'Chunhyang,' premiered in Daloreum Theater in 2020, talks about 'love,' an instinctive and pure feeling of human. This year, moving its stage to Haeoreum Grand Theater, it will show more splendid performance.

The premiered 'Chunhyang,' produced by Kim Myung-gon(playwriting and directing), Yu Su-jeong(lyrics), and Kim Seong-guk(composition), was evaluated as "a masterpiece which focuses on the original voice of singer." The music had crossed tradition and modern times while capturing the charm of original Pansori (Korean traditional music genre), 'Chunhyangga.' Especially, the scene 'Sarangga (Love song)' which depicts characters' love through dancing under a starry light, and the scene 'appearance of Eosa (royal secret inspector)' with its grand, tense atmosphere are the cream of the crop.

According to The National Changgeuk Company of Korea, producers of the play have revised and complemented it to make more romantic stage. They added 'Sinyeonmaji (welcoming event of newly appointed ruler of a province)' scene and character's sound, and overall, the music became deeper and more exquisite.

For the role 'Chunhyang' and 'Mongryong' as main characters, two teams are casted, Lee So-yeon and Kim Jun-su team who represent the company and Kim Wu-jeong and Kim Su-in team who joined last year. Kim Jun-su took a second place in JTBC's Korean traditional music competition show 'Pungryudaejang' last year. For a role 'Wolmae,' Kim Cha-gyeong and Kim Keum-mi team is casted and Choi Ho-seong, Cho Yu-ah, for a role 'Byeon Hak-do,' Cho Yu-ah, Yu Taepyungyang were casted for a role 'Byeon Hak-do,' 'Hyangdan,' and 'Bangja,' respectively. Yu Taepyungyang has been loved by a lot of audiences through his appearance in KBS's entertainment show 'Immortal Songs.'

Reservations and inquiries can be made on The National Theater of Korea website ( or by phone (☎ 02-2280-4114).

(This article is translated from Korean to English by Kim Jimin.)



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