Popera tenor Lim Hyung-joo first tries trot… sings presidential campaign song

연합뉴스 / 2022-01-11 14:47:54
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▲ This photo, provided DGNcom, shows a scene from the music video of the new song "The Stars" (translated). (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


▲ This photo, provided DGNcom, shows a scene from the music video of the new song "The Stars" (translated). (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


SEOUL, Jan. 11 (Yonhap) -- Popera tenor Lim Hyung-joo is promoting the 20th presidential election that will be held in March and encouraging voters to participate.

Lim recently recorded the official presidential campaign song “The Stars” (translated), according to his agency, DGNcom.

“The Stars,” the official campaign song of the Republic of Korea National Election Commission, contains the message that the people are the main leaders and stars of the presidential election which will be held on Mar. 9.

Kim Kyung-bum and Kim Ji-hwan, the composer duo who made hit trot songs including Young Tak’s “Jjiniya” and Kim Hojoong’s “No umbrella,” were in charge of writing, composing, and arranging the song, and Lim sang it.

The agency said the main melody of Beethoven Symphony No, 5 ‘Fate’ was used to send the message that people have to exercise their votes to determine the fate of Korea.

The genre of the song is dance trot. After 24 years of his debut, it is Lim's first try in trot. 

The popera tenor said, “I was born in the tiger year and sang with the new year tiger’s energy in hopes that the presidential election would be a festival for everyone,” adding, “To increase the voter turnout I can even participate in a dance song.”

The Republic of Korea National Election Commission released the music video for “The Stars,” on Tuesday.

The video portrayed a parody of the globally successful drama “Squid Game,” by connecting the famous scenes such as the paper flip challenge, (ddakji) and the tug of war with vote stamps.

"Lim Hyung-joo participated in the campaign song in the form of talent donation. It turned out that Lim and the composer duo made a big decision to donate both the music rights and copyrights of the song to the state,” a spokesman from the agency said.

Lim was appointed as the youngest advisory committee from 2017.



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