BTS' Jin transforms into trot singer with 'Super Tuna' special performance video

나확진 / 인턴 차민경 / 2021-12-09 15:17:40
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▲ This photo, captured from BTS Jin's "Super Tuna" special performance video uploaded on YouTube, shows BTS' member Jin dancing to the "Super Tuna" song for his birthday. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


by Ra Hwak Jin / Cha Min Kyung



SEOUL, Dec. 9 (Yonhap) -- "Super Tuna," a special performance video created by K-pop supergroup BTS' Jin for his fans on his birthday, is going viral.

On Dec. 4, Jin released a minute-long solo choreography video titled "Super Tuna" on YouTube.

In the video, Jin, who previously mentioned to enjoy fishing, was seen wearing denim overalls and dancing at a beach to the rhythm of "Super Tuna" with dance moves that resemble a fish. "Super Tuna" is an upbeat trot song--a genre of popular music in Korea--about fishing.

The dance video exceeded 20 million views on YouTube alone in four days and more than 220,000 comments were posted.

Shortly after the video was released, a "Super Tuna" dance challenge, where people follow Jin's choreography, was created on YouTube and other social media platforms.

A whale-shaped toy that was placed on Jin's left shoulder in the "Super Tuna" video also became a hot topic.

BTS' fans--also known as ARMYs--around the world, especially fans who wanted to participate in the "Super Tuna" dance challenge, found the company that made the toy and started placing orders. BARK, which is the name of the toy company, left a thank you message on Twitter.

"We've got a ton of teammates who are big BTS fans, so we were completely shocked, delighted, and giddy at the realization that Jin used our toys in his video," Stacie Grissom, Director of Content and Communications at BARK tells Rolling Stone. "We are certainly seeing the power of the ARMY following our post; we have never had a Tweet about product get this much engagement so quickly."



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