'Forecasting Love and Weather' starring Song Kang and Park Min-young, to first air on Feb. 12

연합뉴스 / 2022-01-26 16:33:53
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▲ This photo, a captured image from the official Instagram account of JTBC Drama, shows the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



SEOUL, Jan. 26(Yonhap) – JTBC’s new weekend drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” starring Song Kang and Park Min-young will first air on Feb. 12.

The upcoming drama following “Snowdrop,” which ended earlier than scheduled, depicts the work and love of the people of the Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA).

Actress Park Min-young will be in charge of acting as the KMA’s general manager, Jin Ha-kyung. Park’s character is a person who is smart about work, self-management, and is clear about public and private affairs, and She even has interpersonal relationships and stops.

Lee Si-woo, who is in charge of writing the breaking news in the same department and has a free soul, is played by actor Song Kang.

▲ This photo, provided by npio Entertainment and JTBC Studio, shows Song Kang from the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

Song Kang said on Jan. 26, "I liked the unique topic of the Meteorological Administration, and the points where I burst into laughter while reading the script were very attractive."

He added, "I think I can show you the unpredictable romance that you have never seen in existing dramas."

Moreover, Yoon Park’s role is a notification officer at the Korea Meteorological Administration's spokesman's office, and actress-singer Yura plays Chae Yu-jin, a daily weather reporter.



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