K-pop idol rock band CNBLUE remodels into strong western image with new EP

연합뉴스 / 2021-10-20 17:02:18
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▲ This photo, provided by FNC Entertainment, shows CNBLUE. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


SEOUL, Oct. 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korean idol rock band CNBLUE, which was known for its representative "dandy" look within the music industry, will now transform into a rough western image.

The all-male K-pop act released its ninth mini-album "WANTED" on Wednesday, coming back from a nine month hiatus.

During an online press showcase event held on Wednesday, CNBLUE explained that it wanted to restyle the group with a stronger image by making a comeback under the concept of "hunters."

"I made the title track 'Love Cut' while keeping in mind that we could hold our own concert soon," the band's leader Jung Yong-hwa said. "I can imagine enjoying this song with our fans."

"Love Cut" is a rock genre song written and composed by Jung and contains the ambiance of the late 19th century. Featuring disco rhythm through the use of drum and bass, the track's overall atmosphere is revived with guitar and piano sounds which are reminiscent of old western movies.

The title track tells the listeners to "cut" off toxic relationships without regret and the band members shared the inspirations they felt while making "Love Cut."

"While driving pass a hair salon, I was inspired by the action of snipping something off, so I wrote it down as a memo and later used it for this song," Jung said.

CNBLUE's bassist Lee Jung-shin said, "This song is led by the disco rhythm made from the drum and bass. I was also so satisfied with the piano sound."

The album consists of a total of five tracks, including its title track "Love Cut." Four others are "99%," which holds the message of overcoming competitive modern society with confidence, bassist Lee Jung-shin's self-composed track "Hold Me Back," a sophisticated modern rock genre song titled "Nothing," and "Time Capsule" featuring Jung's sweet vocals.

Debuting in 2010, CNBLUE has established itself as one of the leading bands in the music industry with hits such as "I'm a Loner" and "Love."

In terms of the secret in maintaining a band for a long period of time, drummer Kang Min-hyuk said, "While I'm thankful for the members in continuing our band activities, the fans who sing along with us at concerts are the biggest driving force for us."

"When I keep thinking about ways to repay our fans with good songs, we come up with a great album and I think we're continuing to grow like this."



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