Singer-songwriters Lucid Fall and Stella Jang to showcase 'summer breeze' performance

연합뉴스 / 2021-07-27 18:18:32
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▲ This photo provided by CREDIA shows the official poster for Lucid Fall and Stella Jang's "Summer Breeze" concert. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap) 



SEOUL, July 27 (Yonhap) -- Singer-songwriter Lucid Fall (real name Cho Yoon-seok) and Stella Jang (real name Jang Seong-eun) will put on a breeze-like performance on a summer night. The two singers will decorate the first day of the "Summer Breeze" performance series, held at Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul on July 30.

This is the first time for Lucid Fall and Stella Jang, who have built their respective careers with delicate and sentimental music, to hold a duo performance.

In this concert, the two prepared acoustic solo performances accompanied by guitar and individual performances with their respective bands, as well as a collaboration stage with chanson singer Charles Trenet.

They have also arranged performances where the two singers exchange their songs with each other. "Instead of having the will to sing better than the great cover versions or the original song, I'll try to sing as best as I can," said Stella Jang, who prepared Lucid Fall's "Wind, Where Is It Blowing From."

Lucid Fall will sing Stella Jang's "Storing Nights." The singer shared an anecdote on how his "heart became very clear" after singing along to the song in a taxi on his way to the airport.

This performance is also meaningful in that the duo will meet the audience in person. "I believe the audience is everything to a singer's performance," said Jang, who recently performed onstage at an outdoor festival.

Lucid Fall also said, "I will put in all my efforts I have in my heart and soul."

The two singers who each presented meaningful albums last year, also shared their future work plans.

Lucid Fall, who released his ambient album "Dancing With Water" as a limited-edition LP, said, "I'm working on my 10th regular album using only a guitar and my voice. I wanted to create an album that is closest to the original version of the songs."

Last April, Stella Jang released her first full-length album, "STELLA I," and recently released a single with 31-year-old singer CHEEZE. "I'm working on my album, and I'm thinking about releasing it in the fall," Jang said.



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