Trot singer Youngtak refutes claims of demanding 15 bln won for advertisement

연합뉴스 / 2021-07-22 19:30:20
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▲ This photo provided by Yecheon Brewery shows trot singer Youngtak holding a "Youngtak Makgeolli." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) 


SEOUL, July 22 (Yonhap) -- Trot singer Youngtak's agency denied statements made by Yecheon Brewery, a manufacturer of "Youngtak Makgeolli," that said the singer demanded 15 billion won in order to renew his contract as the advertising model for the alcoholic beverage.

According to Yecheon Brewery on Thursday, Youngtak requested a total of 15 billion won for his three-year contract as the model for "Youngtak Makgeolli," which ultimately broke the contract.

"Many people who do not know the specific situation about the renewal of the contract are creating more misunderstandings by believing we abandoned Youngtak, which is causing a serious damage on the company," Yecheon Brewery added.

Yecheon Brewery also claimed that the name "Yeongtak" could continue to be used since it is not a trademark nor is Yeongtak the exclusive license holder of the brand.

However, the trot singer's agency, Milagro, made an official statement through Sejong law firm (SHIN & KIM LLC) and refuted Yecheon's statement, saying, "We have never demanded 15 billion won from Yecheon Brewery."

Regarding the trademark issue, the agency said, "The right to use the name lies with Youngtak. If the dispute continues, we will prove that Yecheon Brewery’s claims are not valid based on the judgment made by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the court."



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