BTS's new concept videos for upcoming single "Butter" raise anticipation

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▲ This photo provided by Big Hit Music shows scenes from BTS's "Butter" concept clip videos. 

SEOUL, May 4 (Yonhap) -- Before the release of BTS' English single, "Butter" on May 21st, Big Hit Music released concept clip videos on the 4th. On Big Hit's official SNS, concept clip videos of Jungkook and RM were uploaded.


Through the use of connecting projector screens and camcorders, the video illustrated a dreamy atmosphere by overlapping several images with colorful colors.


Jungkook made a free-spirited appearance by spreading a heart-shaped butter on bread and running freely around the room. RM set off a heart-shaped firecracker while enjoying the stage set with lights.


Butter and firecrackers, which appeared in the 'Concept Clip Teaser Poster' released on the 2nd, also appeared in the video, stimulating fans' curiosity. In addition, various objects such as balloons, cameras, and candies appeared on the poster.


The agency said that "Butter" is an upbeat summer song that allows you to feel the soft and charismatic charm of BTS in an exciting cheerful atmosphere based on dance pop.


The anticipation from fans have also seemed to increase. The trailer video for the "Butter" logo, released for the first time on the 27th of last month, recorded more than 14.98 million views, even though it slowly showed the butter melting in the shape of a heart for an hour.







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