K-pop girl group Mamamoo's Wheein leaves current agency

연합뉴스 / 2021-06-11 16:16:26
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▲ Wheein [provided by RBW]

SEOUL, June 11 (Yonhap) -- Wheein, a member of the K-pop girl group Mamamoo, has decided to leave the group's current agency, RBW. 


"Wheein has had in-depth discussions with the other members as well as the agency for a long time, but decided not to renew her contract," according to RBW on Friday. 


However, the contract will be extended until December 2023 for upcoming Mamamoo activities, including the production of the girl group's albums and solo concerts.


RBW said, "Wheein's official contract with the agency will be terminated, but as a member of Mamamoo, she will continue her team activities. We sincerely hope Wheein, who is starting fresh, will always be happy and lucky."


Mamamoo welcomed its seventh anniversary of the group's debut this year, and attention has been focused on whether the members will renew their contracts since the beginning of the year.


Members Solar and Moonbyul renewed their contract with their agency in January and Hwasa in March, and RBW stressed that "there will be no disbandment of Mamamoo."



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