K-pop rookie boy group EPEX to officially debut with first mini-album

연합뉴스 / 2021-06-08 17:10:09
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▲ This photo provided by C9 Entertainment shows K-pop rookie boy group EPEX. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

▲ This photo provided by C9 Entertainment shows K-pop rookie boy group EPEX. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

SEOUL, June 8 (Yonhap) -- C9 Entertainment's octet boy group EPEX will debut with its first mini-album "Bipolar Pt. 1 Prelude of Anxiety."

During an online showcase, EPEX mentioned, "We will proudly prove that we are a group that can be acknowledged as K-pop's fourth-generation idols."

The leader of EPEX, Wish said, "We decided on EPEX as our group name in order to reflect all of our member's charms," adding, "While our music mainly revolves around hip-hop, we will present differentiated music from other groups."

EPEX, which consists of members Wish, Keum Dong-hyun, Mu, A-Min, Baek Seung, Ayden, Yewang, and Jeff, is a boy group created by C9 Entertainment two years after boy group CIX.

In the debut album EPEX delivers various anxieties experienced during adolescence, marking the start of a new concept that EPEX will develop in the future.

The title track "Lock Down," which is in the electronic hip-hop genre, conveys the message about the relationship between social media and depression.

"When I was in an interview with our agency after EPEX was formed, I found out that the members faced various anxieties," A-Min said. "This led us to make an album based on our actual story."

In addition, the album consists of five other songs such as, "Go Big," a song about EPEX members wanting to grow to the point where they stand on the shoulders of giants, "Cyanide" and "No Questions."

EPEX included member Keum Dong-hyun, who appeared on Mnet's "Produce X 101" in 2019, drawing attention even before his debut. Although Keum Dong-hyun was supposed to debut as an member of X1, he was eliminated due to the controversy of Mnet's manipulative voting process.

Keum Dong-hyun emphasized, "After 'Produce X 101,' I was offered to release a single or hold a fan meeting, but after consulting with my agency, I decided to focus on training with the rest of my members."



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