Actor Kim Jung-hyun reaches mutual agreement with his agency after long dispute

김정진 / 2021-05-14 19:13:43
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▲ This photo provided by MBC shows actor Kim Jung-hyun. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

SEOUL, May 15 (Yonhap) — Actor Kim Jung-hyun and his agency O&Entertainment, who had been at odds over the expiration of the exclusive contract, agreed and terminated the contract.

The two sides announced in a joint position on the 14th that "we have drawn up an agreement confirming that the exclusive contract between O&Entertainment and Kim Jung-hyun ended at midnight on the 11th as originally signed."

"On this day, Kim Jung-hyun's agent, his brother and O&Entertainment met in person to resolve misunderstandings about each other," he said. "Both sides decided to understand each other and cheer for the developmental future without any strings attached."

Earlier, Kim Junghyun said on the 12th that the exclusive contract period had expired under the contract, claiming that O&Entertainment had been complaining of health problems, but pushed ahead with the schedule and did not protect its actors. He also pointed out that even though the company was in the process of closing down, it raised issues related to the expiration of the contract to the media only for Kim Junghyun.

In response, O&Entertainment refuted that Kim Jung-hyun had not been active for 11 months due to personal reasons during the contract, and that the contract should be terminated and terminated through other procedures.

The controversy erupted last month when some media outlets raised suspicions of a romantic relationship between Kim Jung-hyun and actress Seo Ji-hye. At the time, when Seo Ji-hye's agency Culture Depot explained, "Kim Jung-hyun met for personal consultation ahead of the expiration of the agency's contract," O&Entertainment disclosed that there was a conflict with Kim Jung-hyun over the exclusive contract.

At the time, Kim Jung-hyun did not express any position, but announced the expiration of the contract on the 12th, signaling that Kim Jung-hyun had remained silent, saying, "It was consideration for the agency that felt guilty and had a moral apology."


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