(LEAD) Court suspends validity of answer to disputed CSAT question

황장진 / 2021-12-09 20:41:38
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(LEAD) court-college entrance test
▲ In this file photo, college aspirants prepare to take a test for the Korean language section as they sit for the national college entrance exam at Yongsan High School in Seoul on Nov. 18, 2021. (Pool photo) (Yonhap)

(LEAD) court-college entrance test

(LEAD) Court suspends validity of answer to disputed CSAT question

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SEOUL, Dec. 9 (Yonhap) -- A court on Thursday suspended the validity of the state-recognized answer to a bioscience question in this year's college entrance exam in a lawsuit filed by exam takers claiming the question has errors.

The Seoul Administrative Court ruled in favor of 92 examinees disputing question No. 20 of the bioscience part 2 section of this year's College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) developed by the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE).

The ruling means the state-designated answer to the question is not valid until a decision is made on whether the question is erroneous or not.

The examinees have argued the question centering around the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, a principle related to population genetics, was erroneous and have launched a suit against the KICE to rescind the agency's designated answer.

The court ordered the KICE to suspend the validity of the question until the suit is settled in court.

The KICE last month concluded the question, while not being perfect, was valid, as it was meant to distinguish the level of learning among examinees.

Later in the day, the education ministry and the KICE decided to send scores to all test-takers Friday as scheduled.

The 6,515 students who selected the bioscience part 2 section will be notified of their results excluding scores in the subject, officials said. Their full scores will be given later after the issue is settled, they added.


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